How long will my baby stay in the hospital?

Perhaps one of the main questions you keep asking yourself is: ‘When can we take our baby home?’ The answer depends on your baby’s needs. It might be several days to weeks and sometimes even months. Many premature babies get home about the date of their expected day of delivery. If nobody tells you how long the baby’s stay can be, do not hesitate to ask the doctors or the nurses.

You can always ask about everything you are interested in because as a parent you have the right to know.

Although there is no single answer to this question, to be able to get an idea of the time a premature baby stays in the hospital, depending on when it is born, we present you a study of Foundation ‘Miracle Babies’ made among families with premature babies. The answers of 625 families participating in the study have been compiled and the medium length has been calculated.

It is important to specify that this is rough statistics, because we should not forget that every child is unique. That is why their stay in the intensive care unit is different.

Birth in gestation week Average stay in the hospital
24th week 133 days (19 weeks)
25th week 108 days (15 weeks + 3 days)
26th week 101 days (14 weeks + 3 days)
27th week 80 days (11 weeks + 3 days)
28th week 76 days (10 weeks + 6 days)
29th week 75 days (10 weeks + 5 days)
30th week 50 days (7 weeks + 1 day)
31st week 49 days (7 weeks)
32nd week 36 days (5 weeks + 1 day)
33rd week 27 days (3 weeks + 6 days)
34th week 21 days (3 weeks)
35th week 16 days (2 weeks + 2 days)
36th week 11 days (1 week + 4 days)

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