National Association for Breastfeeding
Consultants provide help and support to breastfeeding mothers throughout the country. On their website, you can find articles and stories about breastfeeding, as well as a list of consultants by towns.

National telephone: 0896 418 488


La Leche League Bulgaria
Information and support for breastfeeding from mothers to mothers. La Leche League is a voluntary organisation with branches all over the world, whose mission is to help, encourage and support all mothers who want to breastfeed their babies.

National telephone: 0888 555 385


Association "Pogledni me" (Look at Me)
Parents’ organisation helping parents with any kind of information about children with disabilities.

Telephone: 0878 999 013


Poppies for Mary Foundation
Poppies for Mary is a foundation for support for parents who have experienced intrauterine or perinatal death of a child. This means that their baby died in the womb (and was born dead) or died in the first hours, days or weeks after birth.

Contact: Dr. Boyana Petkova, 0887 846 667

Welcome to  "All About Premature Babies" website.
This is a project of "Our premature babies" Foundation based in Bulgaria. The book is a result of a team’s hardwork that includes doctors, psychologists, breastfeeding consultants and premature babies parents. The common information about premature babies which you can find here will help you understand better the situation you've been facing.
Please keep in mind that some of the information related to the neonatal intensive care units is prevalent only in Bulgaria.

We hope that this website and the book are going to help you to be more informed, calm and confident. We wish you and your baby best of luck and health.

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