Medical terminology: prematurity and birth weight

According to "Neonatology" medical standard: "A premature newborn child is born at gestation term less than 37 gestation weeks (less than 259 days)." A week during pregnancy is called a gestation week. There is no difference between gestation week and calendar week.

1 lunar month from 1 to 4 gestation week
2 lunar month from 5 to 9 gestation week
3 lunar month from 9 to 12 gestation week
4 lunar month from 13 to 16 gestation week
5 lunar month from 17 to 20 gestation week
6 lunar month from 21 to 24 gestation week
7 lunar month from 25 to 28 gestation week
8 lunar month from 29 to 32 gestation week
9 lunar month from 33 to 36 gestation week
10 lunar month from 37 to 40 gestation week
First trimester from 1 to 12 gestation week
Second trimester from 13 to 28 gestation week
Third trimester from 29 to 40 gestation week

 According to the weight at birth, premature babies are divided into three groups:

low weight up to and including 2499 grams
very low weight up to and including 1499 grams
extremely low weight up to and including 499 grams

The state of prematurity can prompt us what to expect with regard to adaptation of the newborn and possible problems later, but also determines the behavior of doctors in their treatment and the extent of resuscitation.

In recent years, we have seen a continuous improvement in the care for children with very low weight, and those below 1000 g. Very good results have already been achieved, following the experience gained in the preservation of the life of newborns with extremely low weight.

Any premature baby has a chance to survive, heal, grow and develop normally. Each of them brings its individuality and uniqueness. The cases, where newborns with very low, even extremely low weight at birth, adapt and overcome the neonatal period without serious deviations and complications, are not rare. In other cases, in more mature and of higher gestational age infants, some severe diseases are observed and there is a need for regular follow-up and eventual treatment.

Not only normal physical and neuro-psychological development, but even geniality can be achieved with adequate care for these children. One should not forget that Darwin, Newton, Jean Jacques Rousseau and Volter were all born with low weight.



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