Family focused care

From the moment your baby is born, he/she becomes part of your family. Your other children (if you have such), the baby’s grandmothers and grandfathers, and in general all your relatives are excited about and interested in the new family member. Everything that happens to the baby has an impact in one or another way on them, too. At this stage, while your baby is still in the hospital, the linking unit between him/her and the remaining part of your family is you, the parents. In these circumstances, getting into the mood of being a parent might be difficult.

You will need a huge dose of patience and understanding. The focus of doctors and the whole medical team, especially during the first days after the birth, will be on your baby’s health and life. Sometimes the parents’ feelings and emotions may recede into the background. The positive attitude and relationship between you and the medical team is of extreme importance. Remember that you and the doctors have a common goal – your baby’s health. At the same time, you should not forget that you have every right to be by your child as often as it is possible and to participate in the care for him/her.

While taking care of the baby, the doctors and nurses will work with the whole family. They are aware that you know the baby better than anybody else and will support you in your care for him/her and in making informed decisions.

Family focused care means:

  • To take into consideration your family’s emotional and social needs
  • To provide clear information
  • This kind of care requires from the staff to be sure that you understand the treatment of your baby and take into account your opinion of it
  • You are shown how to take care of the baby and are encouraged.

This kind of care can help you build and strengthen your relationship with your baby. It is possible that this type of care shorten your baby’s stay in the healthcare institution.

Talks with the doctors and nurses are really important so that you are aware of your child’s condition and of what you could expect in the future. Talks with other parents who have premature children could be useful as well.

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